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Climate Change is expected to affect every country in the world, but it's impact will not be felt equally across all regions and some will be worse hit than others because of a range of different threats.


Developing Countries face the gravest risks from the changing climate, and are usually poorly equipped to find ways to prepare for and prevent environmental threats.

The Creation of Beyond Garland Initiative was motivated by these recent discoveries to take action by planting thousands of Trees in countries that face the highest threats of global warming and are poorly equipped to tackle climate variability.


We want to do this for our planet to protect our  Environment.For cleaner air to resolve air pollution (As per NASA studies, trees help decrease a lot of toxins from the air), protect biodiversity and of course create a cooler, greener Earth.                                                         

Below are other missions at Beyond Garland Initiative:

Sustainable Management


Sustainable management of natural resources and enterprise, green jobs and market developments.

Local Community Development


Enhance the capacity of local community and ethnic minority for their well being, participatory natural resource management and rural developments

Poverty Alleviation


Support the less privileged individuals to improve standard of living by engaging in green activities that will promote sustainable agriculture.

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